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★friends only (sort of)★

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this is like my furry porn figurine collection or something. naked anthro babies, woodland animals touching themselves....

random []

it's hard to take pictures of this guy. he squirms so much!

so my hamster spock (suitable since he's a half bred! + ears /nerd) when I first bought him(her? I can't tell) home was so cute and tiny, but he has then gotten FAT. And dirty, like he pees and poos in his wheel all the time and I've been trying to train him to poo in one place but he's been hiding his poo now and I can't find it under the five layers of bedding.

But the fat thing, he swelled up twice his size in a week. I think this must be my fault; I have some kind of obsession with feeding pets. I love watching them eat. I like to give him really fatty foods like kabocha too.. he's just so cute when he gobbles it down so greedily.

I wore this to eat some kobe beef (can't find pictures of the kobe beef in question) which was delicious and long-lasting (lol) served raw but medicore when made into a hamburger (WHAT A WASTE! I LIKE BURGER AS MUCH AS THE NEXT PERSON BUT.......I did not pay $50 for a burger)

oi wip paintings managed to sneak into the picture... that reminds me to work on those, I did not touch them since 4 months ago :-(
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the story of woe []
i like easter because after easter all the easter choco goes on discount
i was craving choco for a LONG time

i said i wanted go to shoppers drugmart to buy cold medicine..but i just stocked up on choco.
choco works even better than cold medicine!
because its sweetness sends me into a dizzy spell
and then i have the best sleep of my life.
and when i wake up I feel refreshed.... for about 10 minutes anyways.

I ate so much, even my friend told me stop eating.
but i didn't listen and my stomach grew three times
when i sit and lean over it's very uncomfortable

choco i loved you
yet you stabbed me in the back like this.
7 +.

how do you respond when someone you weren't even in a relationship with dumps you via ~txt msg~

should i lol or should i cry

i'm guessing the former
13 +.

we have ants in our place.

and i think i just ate some on my pizza D:

this means..i gotta curb my habit of leaving leftovers out on the table.

o shit that means it's me who bought on the ants??

i cleaned my table so i can feel more productive working there

before & afterCollapse )

i already did one painting now that i cleaned it! success!
i paint while lighting up a lot of candles and yesterday one of my papers caught on fire...but I blew it out quick. it's quite dangerous.
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early christmasssss []
this semester is finishedddddd~~~~

i really worked to death until the very last minute....=A=...

all my roommates are leaving soon, so we scounged up an early christmas celebration☆☆★Collapse )

i got FF4 yayyyyyyyy
but i can't play it cos i lost my DS charger (again) booooooooooo :(
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4 +.

i went thrifting on thursday but i didn't know where all the thrift stores were so that was kind of a dud.

where are the good thrift/vintage stores in toronto? (not kensington market)

i ate a riceburger, so yummy.

6 +.


a cheesecake i bought with my pc points lol~

i am baby-sitting my new roommate's cats while she goes off somewhere

this is kome

this is uni

they scare me when i go to the bathroom at night

i have to clean their poop and feed them

all in all not too hard i guess.

4 +.

hot []
the summer heat has been sweltering recently

my electricity has also went off for a few days.

it's very miserable and unbearable in my room without the fan.

i went to eat macarons for the very first time.

it was expensive


but i bought 7...so $14 @_@

the best flavours are lavender and chocolate

the cafe that sold them was very out of the way.

they also had no A/C.

and i also ate this↓

it was red bean ice with lots of toppings

very cooling (*0*

as summer goes by, i want to eat more sweets.
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professor layton []
i beat professor layton & the curious village in one day.

the art and character designs are super adorable.
I was especially impressed with the quality of the cut scenes.

I'm terrible at puzzles, so this game really made me feel stupid! i think my total score was something like a little over 5000 picarats....(-_-''

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fr cellphone []
from 2006-07

this was the guy i used to stalk at jtown
he seems to be a lot less attractive than i remembered.
in this photo at least.

a riceball my roommate made and i decorated

rice omelette
one of the only things i can make decently.
recently i am alternating between living like a monk and studying on how to be a trophy cooking mama.
oh when will i get that trophy
14 +.


↑the one i feel the saddest saying goodbye to.

i'm so antisocial i hide from my roommates :]
27 +.

paid LJ account expires tommorow ↓↓↓↓↓

i already miss all the icons i stole
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[ mood | nerdy ]



"real" con report coming soon

kon kon kon!Collapse )

yuuup, we're huge losers 8-D

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cake making skills or maybe lack of []

reference #1

reference #2


then it got sabotaged (T_T
23 +.

お弁当 []

i bought this


speaking of my shitty tupperware bento:

(from karaoke day)
hahahahahaha 8D
plz ignore the wrinkly octo-hotdogs
26 +.

[ mood | twitchy ]

today i bleached my hair.

this is late, but, if anyone wants a handmade christmas card from me please comment here! XD (or if you don't want handmade, i'll go buy some for you too..♥)

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[ mood | ---- ]

"draw me a pic" meme :B

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