rikit (rikit) wrote,

early christmasssss

this semester is finishedddddd~~~~

i really worked to death until the very last minute....=A=...

all my roommates are leaving soon, so we scounged up an early christmas

our "tree" is made from an old tshirt i had previously thrown into the recycling bin hahaha (someone cut it up while i was sleeping)

secret santa gift! i wrapped the one with all the shit on it. (the shit is to cover all the rips on the wrapping paper. i really really fail at wrapping as you can see.)

and i made some mini christmas trees with dollar store candies, marshmallows, and stuffing. hopefully they don't attract any ants. the marshmallow one looks like it's falling apart.

our wall of handmade christmas cards, IOUs, polaroids, and twilight fanart (don't ask...................)

i got FF4 yayyyyyyyy
but i can't play it cos i lost my DS charger (again) booooooooooo :(
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