rikit (rikit) wrote,

the story of woe

i like easter because after easter all the easter choco goes on discount
i was craving choco for a LONG time

i said i wanted go to shoppers drugmart to buy cold medicine..but i just stocked up on choco.
choco works even better than cold medicine!
because its sweetness sends me into a dizzy spell
and then i have the best sleep of my life.
and when i wake up I feel refreshed.... for about 10 minutes anyways.

I ate so much, even my friend told me stop eating.
but i didn't listen and my stomach grew three times
when i sit and lean over it's very uncomfortable

choco i loved you
yet you stabbed me in the back like this.
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lol oh rikit, of course it'd be uncomfortable to lean over, it's like you made a baby out of chocolate.

R YOU FREE now, btw?
i'm almost free ... :O
are u free this thursday??

we should go to TO..to see an art show ;D
wow still not free? that sucks, hang in there!

I'd love to see an art show in TO~~~~~ we should go to a cafe too :P ♥
what about thurs
or fri? :O

thurs thurs
Thurs is perfect!
When does it start? I'm free anytime after 1: 30 :D
:-D starts at 7ish
lawl, this made me laugh. Your stories are always full of woe