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it's hard to take pictures of this guy. he squirms so much!

so my hamster spock (suitable since he's a half bred! + ears /nerd) when I first bought him(her? I can't tell) home was so cute and tiny, but he has then gotten FAT. And dirty, like he pees and poos in his wheel all the time and I've been trying to train him to poo in one place but he's been hiding his poo now and I can't find it under the five layers of bedding.

But the fat thing, he swelled up twice his size in a week. I think this must be my fault; I have some kind of obsession with feeding pets. I love watching them eat. I like to give him really fatty foods like kabocha too.. he's just so cute when he gobbles it down so greedily.

I wore this to eat some kobe beef (can't find pictures of the kobe beef in question) which was delicious and long-lasting (lol) served raw but medicore when made into a hamburger (WHAT A WASTE! I LIKE BURGER AS MUCH AS THE NEXT PERSON BUT.......I did not pay $50 for a burger)

oi wip paintings managed to sneak into the picture... that reminds me to work on those, I did not touch them since 4 months ago :-(
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