rikit (rikit) wrote,


the summer heat has been sweltering recently

my electricity has also went off for a few days.

it's very miserable and unbearable in my room without the fan.

i went to eat macarons for the very first time.

it was expensive


but i bought 7...so $14 @_@

the best flavours are lavender and chocolate

the cafe that sold them was very out of the way.

they also had no A/C.

and i also ate this↓

it was red bean ice with lots of toppings

very cooling (*0*

as summer goes by, i want to eat more sweets.
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Ohmann.. where'd you go to get those? They look so tasty!
it's a jpn/french cafe inspired thing by eglington station

oo we should go :-)
I agree! We should make a loli meet for it! :D
oh but it's so small and not very glamorous ;(

man i don't know any of those people who go to loli meets anymore. do you? haha,,,plus i hate dressing lolita in the summer
the macarons look so good * - * I've never eaten them before and am unsure of a place that sells them in Houston anyway. But I'm curious, are they like cookies, or soft like sponge cakes? XD
oh it's really out of the way, i had to google the place

they are more like cookies, they're sorta crunchy but soft and chewy on the inside, and the cream part is cold
so full of yum! did you forget to pay your electricity bill? lol
i don't really like summer heat either, i hope you're having fun anyways tho!
well the bill is included in the rent
UGH. That makes me oh so hungry right now.
OMG, the last one is like Culture's food, but much neater looking.
haha, it's sweets on bloor at koreantown
Let's go eat sweets together *3*
yo yo any time *3*

lots of good sweet cafes in toronto♥