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noun. unsavoury person who is keen on being miserly.
can be often found sitting hunch-back style, eating and staring at a computer screen
into the night.
0cm, 221b baker st, 5, aloe yogurt, bandanna code, beautiful childhood memory, being a hater, being highly illogical, berkeley nopapz, bye bye-cycle, curly hair, emily temple cute, excessive teeth, fugly shoes, granny chic, groovy as a pickupline, homo ranking, is this real life, jane marple, kattun wank, kimchi instant noodles, kuro-chan, lol in lolita, look at my bicep, look at your choices, look at your life, ms swanson's emo glasses, my bunk, newsletter subscribing, nice pitching, noah, osaka running blues, pon farr, satellite of love, sauthday, single tear left cheek, that's not my gun, the flames of moe, toms, tony snark, ugly cute, walking post, whitey chubster, zipper, , , , , だめ人間, キラピかアキヒカ, 主持的新生代少女杀手小池彻平, 何でやねん?!, 森ガール, 苺の乳首, 電球ラブ